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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get A First Life T-Shirt

I loved the Get a first life parody, so I immediately created a tshirt for it :). You can get the thing for free in-world (IM me), or the GIMP source code here. The T-shirt is largely Robin Wood's work, it works like a charm and is a great way to quickly whip-up a t-shirt.

(also available on request: Testosterone Tshirt and a Knights of the Square Bracket Tshirt for SL Smalltalkers)

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Simple animation

Yesterday, I went looking for a particular animation but couldn't find it - the short bow with handpalms against each other that martial arts fighters greet their opponent with before chopping their heads off.

So, I took QAvimator and 15 minutes later had done my first animation. You can download it from here or ask me for a copy in-world.

I got frustrated trying to make a gesture out of it - the gesture editor seems to be broken, but well, most of Second Life is broken these days so what's new. Feeling more and more that we're living our Second Life on a garbage dump with the Linden just pouring in new users for the counter on their frontpage...

BTW: got a nice setup now: Flickr for pictures (no more L$10 per snapshot), Blogger for this blog, Gmail for mail, and Amazon S3 for storing various other files - the latter actually costs money but it is not much, it is reliable, and it is anonymous e.g. not linkeable to my real name (in case I'd want to hide that connection).

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Eye Template

Cam lost her eyes when transferring to a furry (well, I just think her inventory is a big mess - it is hard to lose stuff in SL :-)), which was a nice opportunity to clean up the eye template file I built up.

Here is the GIMP source file. To change eye color, bucket fill the Iris Hue layer. To change eye lightness, play with the opacity value of the Iris Value layer.

Not the greatest set of eyes in the world, but with this template it's a 5-minute job to match your eyes to the color of your outfit and that's worth something, eh?

More Fur!

Elora came on, and she did all the shopping without us :(

But what a cool foxy lady this is! I say, sunglasses, katana, and her honkin' big guns, and it's our Violetorian resident furry Lara all over!

Good going, El! Love you!

Fur, fur, fur!

Well, I was having fun with Inny and suddenly we found ourselves shopping for a furry outfit for me. I selected this Midnight Moogle avatar, and Inny - the naughtiest kitty to roam SL but such great fun to be around with - helped me shrink it to boy avatar size. I swapped the Moogle weapon for my Ashes Jin-Geom and have decided to play this character for a while. Moogles are nice, but this one has a weapon :-)

Elora didn't make up her mind when Inny and I took her shopping, but she opted for a pink fluffy furry, completely not her, which Inny and I had been talking her into. Putting it on mostly ruined her night - El, don't listen to a couple of people trying to sex you up! - but we'll go shopping for something more decent for our resident Lara Croft.

Anyway, when Camille came on, I decided to take her out for a treat and we found her a great Tiger Skun avatar. A bit later, Histrion popped in, we went to the same place (Lost Creatures - check it out!) and she went for a cool cheetah look.

We're now convincing the rest of the Violetorians to join us - name for a new group is already in the air, hope Inny creates it soon!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Off towards the sun...

A full day on SL - both emotionally with not so good news about a dear SL friend's mom, but well made up for by great company afterwards.
Nothing like sailing off through the sky towards the sun at the end of a day like that :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First Killed :)

So, on the re-match, Elora got back to me - before I knew what happened I was back at my homebase, being a bit dead :-). That's what you get for bragging, I think...

Also watched some advanced fighters sparring at Samurai Island today - these guys rock. I've put up a practice area in my workshop, hopefully I'll be a bit better at it soon.

OBTW - My little 512m2 plot is damage enabled so if you promise not to kill any innocent visitors, feel free to have some fun! Search for MMTP in Places.

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